Support Faq's

If you have any support related queries, please read through our frequently asked questions before emailing us. If your question is not within the questions below please send an email to

  •  What do we do?

    We provide a library of clinical educational videos and articles for primary care optometry and ophthalmology. Wherever possible our content is CET accredited for optometrists. By subscribing to the site you will gain unlimited and complete access to the video library for the duration of your subscription.  

  •  How is Optometry Consultancy different to other CET providers?

    We are the first GOC registered CET provider to deliver ophthalmologist-led CET for optometrists. Using our experience of delivering primary care ophthalmology and emergency ophthalmology; we have created a library of educational content that is structured and focused on allowing users to unlock barriers to clinical progression.

    All of our content is designed to build clinical acumen in a step-wise manner. We post videos covering all of the ophthalmic sub-specialties and gradually build a more complex understanding of disease, diagnosis and management.

    Further, we allow subscribers to contact us and ask for specific educational content. Our team is approachable and dynamic and will help deliver any request, as far as possible.

  •  How do I get CET points after watching the videos?

    Following each video there are clear instructions on how to receive your points. This is often a reflective piece of writing or answering a question to a clinical scenario using the principles learnt in the video. This is emailed into us and we read each submission. Following this we pass on your points. It is really very simple.

    By engaging with us we can ensure a better educational experience and adapt our content to reflect any difficulties.

  •  Is this cost-effective?

    We believe that our website provides one of the most cost-effective CET solutions currently available. Further, given it's interactive nature it is personal and allows each clinician to focus on a sub-specialty area that interests them. This way you can tailor your CET to what you want, when you want it and how you want it!

  •  Should I subscribe for 6 or 12 months?

    It is clearly more cost-effective to subscribe for 12 months. However, this will depend on how you want your learning to develop and how you like to learn. We continually update our content and by subscribing for longer you allow yourself more time to engage with the educational content and re-visit any videos that you wish to. Any requests for content will be processed and the content updated. Obviously, if you no longer have a valid subscription you would need to re-subscribe!

  •  How will my subscription be used?

    The money received from subscriptions is used to develop and deliver educational content. We are also in negotiations to fund research in primary care ophthalmology and optometric education. We hope that by doing this we can develop an evidence based approach to shared-care working.