About Optometry Consultancy

Optometry Consultancy is designed to help each and every optometrist achieve their potential.

We design each of our interventions to help unlock cognitive and practical barriers to achieving clinical progression.

We recognise the difficulties of progressive clinical development in the commercial climate of high-street optometry. In an environment requiring more and more from optometrists there are few opportunities to get the support that we all need to help gain clinical confidence and acumen.

We have carefully designed educational interventions that we can deliver to help all optometrists develop their skills quickly, safely and easily. We cover clinical skills, such as gonioscopy, 3-mirror examination, indirect ophthalmoscopy, contact tonometry and many more. We also specialise in peer-led educational sessions examining best practice approaches to common symptoms such as red eye and raised intra-ocular pressure.

In addition, we bring you live interactive webinars covering hand-picked clinical topics to make immediate impact to your daily practice, accessible from the comfort of your own home.

So, whether you are newly qualified or have 30 years of practice under-your-belt we have something to offer everyone.

Optometry Consultancy was founded by Imran Jawaid. He is currently an ophthalmology registrar and formerly an optometrist having worked in high-street multiple and independent practice as well as the hospital optometry sector. He has spent over 2 years teaching undergraduate medical education and has delivered CET accredited tutorials at both a local and national level.

Optometry Consultancy aims to utilise advances in medical education to help optometrists gain maximum progress from each intervention we deliver. We use a blend of ophthalmologists and optometrists to design and deliver our interventions to ensure we are helping our clients achieve their goals.